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Feel the magic of Krakow Candles

Krakow Candles bring you the most beautiful memories of Krakow, sealed within ten original fragrances. They are suitable as both tasteful souvenirs and as decorative elements for your home. Hand-painted glass and a personalized seal on each candle gives them a unique character.

Lighting the Krakow Candle will take you on a journey; exploring the narrow old streets, strolling through the green Planty, feeling the magic of the Main Square, or breathing the freshness straight from the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The inspiration for the creation of these fragrances was the amazing aura which surrounds our city. Krakow Candles will make you feel as if you are in the City of Polish Kings, even if you are in the remotest corner of the world. Let yourself be seduced by the special atmosphere of Krakow…

History of
Krakow Candles

Elegant design, unusual stories and original fragrances; all these make Krakoskie Świece unique. Each of our candles is made by hand, using only natural ingredients. And each has an embossed 15th century seal, certifying authenticity. No two candles are alike.

Sophisticated fragrances will satisfy even the most demanding sensitivities, taking them to mysterious places within the city, to ancient alleys and courtyards that are full of intrigue and memories of times past. Thanks to Krakoskie Świece you will feel the magic of Krakow, wherever and whenever you want.s

Planty at Dawn

Planty at dawn… Just imagine… It’s a crisp summer morning. The sun has just emerged from behind the roofs of tenements. Krakow comes to life, and you watch it from a bench, hidden among the thicket of plants. Before crowds of tourists spill out onto Krakow’s streets, you will be able to enjoy the morning peace, calm your senses and gather energy before an eventful day.


Salt Crystal Candle

Unusual chambers carved in salt rock, underground lakes, impressive wooden structures and kilometres of winding corridors. Millions of visitors from all over the world climb over 800 stairs to see what is hidden, deep inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


Jagiellonian Candle

Krakow is a unique city, not only because of its unique climate but also because of its dignified character. It is here that one of the oldest universities in the world is located and where the noblest university traditions are continued. Every year, Krakow streets go through a festive parade of professors. Choirs are heard, and crowds of tourists gather to admire the spectacle. In the Old Town, Jagiellońska Street runs through the former university district. On this street, sits the oldest, medieval building of the Jagiellonian University – Collegium Maius.


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