Salt Crystal Candle

Salt Crystal Candle

Salt Crystal Candle

Unusual chambers carved in salt rock, underground lakes, impressive wooden structures and kilometres of winding corridors. Millions of visitors from all over the world climb over 800 stairs to see what is hidden, deep inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Now, you can feel the salt microclimate without leaving your home. Salt Crystal Scent is the quintessence of what you can see, feel and touch, 135 meters underground in the Wieliczka chambers. A fresh, ozone breeze, combined with a delicate aroma of white flowers, will take you straight to the underground world of salt lakes. With a Salt Crystal Candle, you will feel as if you are in an underground Sanctuary; for a moment, you can forget all about the daily cares at ground level!

Due to its unique health properties, the Salt Crystal candle can be used in several ways:

  • Relaxing; as an aromatic bath additive
  • Therapeutic; as a base for inhalation
  • Traditionally; as a scented candle

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  • Fresh ozon fragrance
  • Burning time 40 hours
Scent lines:

Head: Sicilian lemon, Sicilian mandarin
Heart: Hyacinth, honeysuckle
Base: Ozone, floral accord